After a successful career at Time magazine, Berenice Vazquez made the decision to take on a new challenge. Determined to create a lasting legacy that would allow her to serve as a shining example of positive leadership in the community, she decided, after a little soul searching, and A LOT of research, to travel down the path of entrepreneurship. In 2013, Berenice founded BV Contractor. Being a newcomer in the construction industry, BV Contractor initially started with wall insulation. But quickly expanded as they excelled at so many aspects of construction. 

With a great appreciation for her Hispanic heritage, Berenice has always been inspired by the hard-working men and women within her community. From the very beginning, she was determined to ensure that a work environment was created that all of her fellow Hispanic were no longer neglected or mistreated on the work site. She successfully created an atmosphere where workers were being treated in a professional and respectful manner. 

As Bernice’s construction business grew. So did her passion for helping others. BV Contractors not only establish a reputation for their excellent workmanship and professionalism. It garnered a reputation for being one of the best employers in the industry with a reputation for paying highly competitive wages and treating its valued employees with dignity. 

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